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Learn English: My story (the learner and the teacher)

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If you would like to find out more about our innovative Beyond English Academy or you wish to enrol on a course, or 1-1 lessons why don’t you come to one of our Information & Enrolment Days and/or  join our FREE webinar to learn more about our offers. Follow us on social media platforms for updates and details. Beyond English Academy and group courses are 12 weeks long and they start 4 times a year. There are a range of times available (mornings, afternoons and evenings, including weekends). Information & Enrolment days take place in January for January start courses, then April for April start courses, July for July start courses and September for September start courses.

We offer a 30 minute FREE assessment/consultation session where we will discuss your goals and expectations.

Please check our social media sites  for all the latest news and events. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Whether you are new to the UK or looking to improve your English, BE-A Coaching and Beyond English Academy provide a customised learning environment to help you achieve your English learning goals & way more…


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I love reading. The idea to create this reading club came as…

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Do you have questions and doubts about English grammar?This course helps…

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I can prepare you for popular Cambridge certificates like A2 KEY (KET)…

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Business English
This Business English course is ideal for motivated professionals who want to improve their business English vocabulary and gain confidence to communicate…

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It’s my pleasure to recommend Beata as your English teacher. She’s been my teacher for several months and I’ve made great progress. One of Beata’s greatest assets is her creativity. She engages her students in unique ways and makes learning fun for them.

Jana K, Czechia, Jana K, Czechia

We took 2-1 lessons with my boyfriend because we wanted to improve our language skills in order to be in a right position to find better jobs and build our carrier.We were very committed and with Beata we managed to achieve our goals, successfully completed a course, and gained B2 First certificate.
All sessions had been a great fun and variety of tasks were supplied so we never got bored. Beata helped us to improve all our skills, explained grammar in a very simple understandable way, what we really liked, while also teaching us different UK customs and we had a few discussions about real and daily life situations that we enjoyed very much. We highly recommend her if you are interested in learning English. I believe that I would not have got my job if I hadn’t taken the lessons with Beata and I feel that all the effort was worth it and has now paid off.

Lajos & Ilona M, Hungary, Jana K, Czechia

I had 1-1 lessons with Beata, and I can strongly affirm that her teaching methods, the way she encouraged me to learn helped me a lot to improve my English. She got me infected with TED talks, I learned from her how to listen in English. For me, as a teacher, she embodies the idea that – if knowledge is power, then constantly learning is superpower!!!

Rodica T, Moldova, Rodica T, Moldova

I’m having online lessons with Beata. I’m making good progress and I really enjoy the choice of materials and tasks. It’s helping me a lot in my present job and I look forward to every lesson.

Eva R, Slovakia, Eva R, Slovakia


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